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Your Ethical Valentine’s Day Guide

All you need is love, the Beatles said. And if we’ve learnt anything in the past two years of lockdowns it’s that that sentiment is even truer than previously thought. Whether it be love of the romantic nature, love for family, friends, or even love for yourself (perhaps the most important kind), love has likely gotten you through many of life’s struggles, including the pandemic. So, whilst you may most years be of the mindset that Valentine’s Day is commercial, trite or just plain naff, let’s leave cynicism behind for 2022 and embrace the holiday of love. 

After all, it’s just one day for us to show gratitude and celebrate the gift of having one another.

Harriet’s of Hove have created the ultimate guide to an indoors ethical Valentine’s Day In 2022, so let’s get inspired!

Ethical Valentine’s Day Gifts

It’s difficult to balance gifting with being eco-conscious because many of us are trying to buy less. However, the mistake we’ve been making is to invest in short-lived items that are often over-packaged. Here are some ethical Valentine’s Day gift alternatives to your traditional romantic gestures.

Bee Mine card with seeds

Seed Card

We throw away so many cards every year and many are not recyclable. Yet, despite being repeatedly told that card-giving is a dying trend, 76% of UK adults purchased greeting cards in 2020, according to Card Factory.

As some choose not to gift for Valentine’s Day, the card can be quite important on this holiday, more so than others. Yet, is it important enough to add to our ever-growing landfill problem? Harriet’s Of Hove carry the ultimate solution – Seed cards by Loop Loop. These Plantable Cards are beautifully designed on paper that is embedded with wildflower seeds. Enjoy displaying your card for as long as you wish before planting it, yes planting it, in the garden.

Follow the simple instructions included in the card set and you will soon be watching a collection of stunning wildflowers grow and attract bees and butterflies to your garden. These seed cards are notably the gift that keeps on giving. Affectionate, practical and beautiful twice over, these are the perfect ethical Valentine’s Day cards. Buy in-store at Harriet’s Of Hove.

dried flowers in vases

Dried Flowers

Dried flowers have been trending recently and, though not perfect, they are usually more sustainable than fresh cut flower alternatives. Dried flowers are ideal for the season, usually last up to three years when properly cared for, and are a more ethical Valentine’s Day choice. We favour Vegan Bunny’s collection because, like us, they are plastic-free.

valentines day vegan donuts

Vegan Doughnuts

How doughnuts have become the new food of love is a mystery but I am all for it! It’s tough to admit you have been wrong but a few years ago I might have claimed doughnuts could not get any better. I must retract this former statement because, in the past few years, doughnuts have had the mother of all glow-ups and the vegans have not been left behind!

Glazed are Brighton’s popular provider of mouth-watering handmade vegan doughnuts. Regular flavours include Maple Facon, Biscoff, Strawberry & Coconut, Lemon & Hisbiscus, Chocolate Cake and many others. Located on Ditchling Road, opposite the Level, Glazed are not usually open on Mondays so if you want to gift your loved one with a box of irresistible glazed sugary goodness you may have to do so a day early.

salted caramel hip chocolate

Vegan Chocolate For Valentine’s Day

If you absolutely can’t do Valentine’s Day without chocolate then don’t fret we have some scrumptious options for you.

Hip chocolate is not only a creamy plant-based luxury chocolate bar, but its packaging is also biodegradable, which is why you can always find it at Harriet’s Of Hove. Or perhaps you’ll pop in to pick up a bag of our very popular Choc Chick Quinoa Pops.

ethical pottery mug with boobs

Body Positive Pottery

We absolutely LOVE Hot Fox Pottery who celebrate the beauty of the human body in their handmade pottery. From her studio in Brighton, Alice Fox produces ceramics in the shape of ‘naughty’ body parts and runs workshops where participants are invited to make and decorate their own pots. 

This makes the perfect naughty but sweet Valentine’s Day treat. You might give a gift from the pottery shop, book yourselves into a workshop (I’m picturing Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore in Ghost) or even commission a ‘piece’. That’s right, for an unforgettable gift, you can request a ceramic artwork sculpture of your favourite (or your partner’s favourite) body part. All you need to do is send Zoe an image and give her plenty of notice as commissions such as these take some time. These are truly unique gifts, handmade locally in Brighton and promoting body positivity.

Valentines day recipe box vegan meal

Plant-Based Valentine’s Recipe Boxes

This Valentine’s Day why not stay home and enjoy restaurant-quality cuisine joyfully made in your kitchen? Our talented chef, Suzanne of Happy Gut Co, has created a special Valentine’s Day menu for you and we will be boxing up all the ingredients in a plastic-free recipe box and delivering to your door in Brighton, Hove, Portslade and Shoreham-By Sea.

Included in our Valentine’s Recipe Box is everything you need, including the recipe, to make a Shroom-anara Creamy Spaghetti and a Cacao, Blood Orange & Ginger Malabi dessert.

Cook together or make this delicious Valentine’s Day meal as a surprise. Then light some candles, open some organic wine, put on some mood music and spend the night together over a romantic meal in the comfort of your own home.

cod bath bombs gift

Other Ethical Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Valentine’s Day is a great time for a bit of pampering. It’s cold, winter has been hard on our skin and we need a little TLC. So why not treat your loved one to a Botanical Soap Collection or our All-Natural Bath Bombs. Our Valentine’s Day gifts for men include Rugged Nature Beard Oil and Lucy Cow’s Sustainable Vegan Wallet.

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