Welcome to our Super Friendly Plant Based Plastic Free Refill Store

Healthy plant based food . . .

A plant based diet can significantly lower your carbon footprint and improve your health.

We are proud to have become a plant based shop in 2020. We don’t sell any animal products whatsoever. People can trust all of our food products, cleaning and bathroom products, gifts and more are all plant based. 

Harriet’s of Hove welcome all kinds of eaters and people living different lifestyles. Vegans and non-vegans are encouraged to come to us in-store or online.

We believe in inclusivity and not exclusivity. Plant based can be for anyone who chooses. 

Healthy food from Harriets of Hove
refill shop assistant

in the heart of Hove.

All our staff members are local to Hove and Harriet was born in Brighton! But you don’t have to be local to enjoy some of our gifting, kitchen and bathroom products. Check out our online shop to see what products can be sent nationally. 

We also pride ourselves on showcasing a wide range of locally made and handmade produce. We love our local suppliers, they are a massively important part of what we do and who we are. We are so pleased to be working with such talented and honest people. 

Harriet’s of Hove is on George Street. We are a 5 minute walk from Hove Train Station and easily accessible by car. Many of our customers visit us on foot, but local deliveries are also available. Please see our delivery area map on our deliveries information page. 

We have space for wheelchair access and for prams. On a busy day we can comfortably accommodate around 8-12 customers in-store at a time. These are our happy days!! We can’t wait to help you shop. 

Use our Click & Collect service

Short on time and could do with us packing your shopping for you? No problem. Use our Click and Collect service, it’s free and you can collect at any time during our opening hours. 

Please bring your own bags. Prompt collection will ensure your products stay fresh. 

Want to know more about our Click and Collect service? Feel free to send a message to harriet@harrietsofhove.com

bread and vegan temper
harriet's of hove paper bag

How to use our refill shop service

We are all about healthy, sustainable living. We want to bring you the best produce we can with minimal environmental impact.

That’s why we opened our refill shop. Using our refill service helps to keep the amount of plastic packaging being used to an absolute minimum.

It’s a really simple process. Just bring your empty containers along to the shop and we will be very happy to fill those up for you.

Choose from our wide range of dried fruit, nuts, seeds, pasta,  chocolate and more yummy plant-based food. 

Our selection of refillable laundry and cleaning products are all environmentally friendly.

We also offer refillable Bodycare products like shampoo, conditioner, body wash and hand sanitiser. 

You can select the exact weight that you require. This helps to keep waste down as, unlike a regular supermarket, items are not pre-packed to the weight set by the producer.

Refill items are available in store and online for Click & Collect and local delivery. 

refill shop assistant filling liquids

We weigh your containers

refill shop containers

We fill em up

refill shop jar filling

Back on the scales

refill shop weigh produce on scales

We print your price label

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Pay at the checkout

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Take a look at our wide range of sustainable products

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