Bath Bombs


Our bath bombs are made with the finest quality ingredients, Epsom salt for wonderful health properties, and 100% natural pure essential oils.
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Fragrant Bath Bombs

Our range of fabulous bath bombs is made locally by The Float Spa. They use the finest natural ingredients and include a high amount of natural Epsom salt so you gain from the wonderful health properties of these bath bombs. 100% natural pure essential oils provide the relaxing scents to make your bath a restorative experience 

Choose from a wonderful selection

Pink with patchouli & lavender essential oils and rose petals

Black Charcoal with lemongrass, clary sage & cypress essential oils, and rose petals 

White with lavender, rosemary & peppermint essential oils, and lavender & rose petals 

White with rosemary and lavender essential oils and chamomile flowers 

Options : White/ Pink / Black 


White, Pink, Black, CBD

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