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A little bit about us

We may look like just another little shop on a small shopping street of Hove, but behind our doors is a huge amount of plastic-free goods, plant-based foods and eco-friendly household products just for you.

Bring your bags, boxes, pots, packets, bottles and jars to our refill shop. We’re a quirky refilling haven for you to enjoy at your own pace and contribute towards many great feels at the same time.

By shopping at Harriet’s of Hove you personally are making a statement with your money! You’re helping lower plastic and packaging waste, supporting the living wage employment of a growing team, contributing to the success of many small local suppliers and encouraging a more healthy and plant-based lifestyle for yourself and the planet.

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Price Drops and Organic Swaps

We want to show a more sustainable, organic and ethical way of shopping for food is possible.

Refilling is the way forward but that has to be affordable. We’re working hard to ensure we offer you the best price possible on your refills. The work never stops as we constantly search, check and compare our prices.

We are all about inclusivity and our community drives us forward. Acting on our customer survey we’ve taken direct action as requested by you, including swapping more of our products to organic.

Join us for more drops and swaps.

Join the great #refillrevolution

We are delighted to be working with Minor Figures to bring you refillable foam-able Barista Oat M*lk.

Better for your coffee and better for the planet Minor Figures Oat M*lk is formulated by baristas, for baristas and now it’s available as a refillable option from Harriet’s of Hove – yay!

Ditch the disposables and bring your own bottles to ensure a waste-free and super easy way of getting your oat milk from now on.

Even better, Minor Figures are working hard to find the best recycling partner for the pouches outlets create. So, more exciting news on that to come…

Apple Cyder Vinegar with 'The Mother'

We are often asked if our Apple Cyder Vinegar contains ‘The Mother’, we’re pleased to say YES!

The Mother is packed full of good bacteria, known as probiotics, and enzymes. This helps to fight off bad bacteria and ensures your digestive system runs smoothly, breaking down food and absorbing the goodness.

Old Tree Brewery’s Apple Cyder Vinegar has plenty of The Mother, use it in your salad dressings and sauces. Some people enjoy a shot of it each morning to give their immune system a boost!!

So…what is The Mother? And why do people insist on it?…

Customers Reviews

What a gem, gorgeous products, all plastic free, ethical and great friendly service. It's a must visit and will change your life for the better.
Aideen Smith-Watson

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I love this place. Definitely my go-to for much of my refills. Great selection, reasonable prices, clean shop and staff are super friendly and helpful
Sue Pasko
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