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A little bit about us

We may look like just another little shop on a small shopping street of Hove, but behind our doors is a huge amount of plastic-free goods, plant-based foods and eco-friendly household products just for you.

Bring your bags, boxes, pots, packets, bottles and jars to our refill shop. We’re a quirky refilling haven for you to enjoy at your own pace and contribute towards many great feels at the same time.

By shopping at Harriet’s of Hove you personally are making a statement with your money! You’re helping lower plastic and packaging waste, supporting the living wage employment of a growing team, contributing to the success of many small local suppliers and encouraging a more healthy and plant-based lifestyle for yourself and the planet.

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Ethicul Price Comparison

With the cost of living crisis affecting so many people across our community we want to ensure we are pricing our products as competitively as we can.

We decided to perform a price comparison survey and see how we fared against Tesco, one of the U.K’s big supermarkets.

We shared our findings with Ethicul and they have created this article on their site highlighting how our products compare, not just on price but on quality.

We also encourage our customers to order refill items in the amounts they need rather than sell the pre-packed bags the big supermarkets want to push on to you.

That’s not forgetting those bags are usually single use plastic which is a big ‘no thank you’ as far as we are concerned.

Take a look at the article on Ethicul and see how our prices compare. We are sure you’ll agree that not only are we plastic-free, sustainable and ethical we are also competitive on price.

The Compost Club - spills and thrills

You know when we say… 

‘Don’t worry too much about the spills, they all get composted’…

We’ll it really is true!!

This is Michael from The Compost Club and the HoH spills are his treasure!!

They all get swept up into this barrel for collection. Then Michael makes compost for his members using extremely fun and brilliant equipment. The huge tumblers are a particular favourite of mine.

Michael collects  every fortnight  and says that the dried food products we collect, contributes really well to the very sloppy collections he gathers from households! Ha!

At Harriet’s of Hove, we take our waste very seriously. Even though we produce considerably less than an average food retail business would, we make big efforts to consider every bi-product of running the business as having another purpose.

We recycle, re-use, re-purpose and compost as much as possible (costing the business a reasonably heafty fee, but that is the only way we see fit).

We are extremely proud to add very little waste to the general waste stream – it is important to know our considerations with waste are not just customer facing and lots goes on ‘behind the scenes’.

Delivery Service - helping our business thrive

HoH’s delivery service has been a true ‘life-line’ during the pandemic and lockdown periods. Not just for our customers, but as a business too.

So much so, we’ve decided to continue the service on into 2022!!

All our local delivery products are weighed, packed and labelled by the staff in-store. We pack in a 2 stage process, making sure fruits, nuts and fresh items go in last minute.

Any liquids HoH delivers to customers, are poured into our ‘HoH Circular Bottles’ and we kindly ask customers to either return to store, refill in store or have ready for us to collect the next time we come around to deliver.

We also carbon offs-set any carbon emissions from the delivery service, as we have purchased the shop a sequoia tree from One Life One Tree. Sadly you won’t see this beauty growing outside the front of Harriet’s of Hove! But we get emailed photo updates of our tree from Wales, where it’s happily growing alongside other sequoias and capturing a life-time of carbon.

Please consider our Click&Collect and delivery service, as it has proven to provide a more accessible approach to plastic-free and refillable shopping for our customers. And that’s what we are all about

Customers Reviews

What a gem, gorgeous products, all plastic free, ethical and great friendly service. It's a must visit and will change your life for the better.
Aideen Smith-Watson

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I love this place. Definitely my go-to for much of my refills. Great selection, reasonable prices, clean shop and staff are super friendly and helpful
Sue Pasko
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