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A little bit about us

We may look like just another little shop on a small shopping street of Hove, but behind our doors is a huge amount of plastic-free goods, plant-based foods and eco-friendly household products just for you.

Bring your bags, boxes, pots, packets, bottles and jars to our refill shop. We’re a quirky refilling haven for you to enjoy at your own pace and contribute towards many great feels at the same time.

By shopping at Harriet’s of Hove you personally are making a statement with your money! You’re helping lower plastic and packaging waste, supporting the living wage employment of a growing team, contributing to the success of many small local suppliers and encouraging a more healthy and plant-based lifestyle for yourself and the planet.

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Price Drops and Organic Swaps

We want to show a more sustainable, organic and ethical way of shopping for food is possible.

Refilling is the way forward but that has to be affordable. We’re working hard to ensure we offer you the best price possible on your refills. The work never stops as we constantly search, check and compare our prices.

We are all about inclusivity and our community drives us forward. Acting on our customer survey we’ve taken direct action as requested by you, including swapping more of our products to organic.

Join us for more drops and swaps.

BN1 Magazine - Sustainable Shopping

We’ve been featured in the September edition of BN1 Magazine, Brighton’s leading monthly publication for all things lifestyle and entertainment.

Having championed the message on sustainability for some time now it’s great to be included in a magazine that has such a good reach across our city, relaying the message to visitors, new arrivals and long term residents.

It’s a great read and highlights some of the sustainable products we have on offer both in-store and to order online. There’s also a discount code available so click on the link below and enjoy a browse through the online edition of BN1.

The latest from the #harrietsofhove blog

You requested more plant based snack foods, vegan chocolate and more alcohol.

So, over the last few months I have worked (reasonably) hard to seek out crisps, chocolate, dipping cheeses, ready meals and alcoholic beverages. I say reasonably hard, as I can honestly say finding new and innovative ways of helping ‘consumers’ lower their disposable plastic usage is truly an exciting place to be. The rate in which people and suppliers are adapting and creating is exhilarating, making what might seem a laborious task truly fun. 

So…what do we now sell that you need to know about?

Customers Reviews

What a gem, gorgeous products, all plastic free, ethical and great friendly service. It's a must visit and will change your life for the better.
Aideen Smith-Watson

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I love this place. Definitely my go-to for much of my refills. Great selection, reasonable prices, clean shop and staff are super friendly and helpful
Sue Pasko
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