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Starting Small: steps to reach net zero

For any small business implementing new practices can feel a bit daunting. Local governments are encouraging all businesses to adopt policies to attain net zero and business owners are looking at how they can achieve this.

A new blog post by Camille Pierson on Brighton’s Chamber of Commerce website highlights the way businesses can make small changes to the way they work and achieve their Net Zero goals. We are delighted to be mentioned in the blog as a supplier of sustainable, plastic-free products, many of which are now available to buy in bulk.

Here is an excerpt from Camille’s blog post . . . 

Understanding quick wins for your small business

The quick wins are of course, the best starting point. These small wins are super easy to change and implement, and provide a much-needed catalyst to the small and medium sized business’ net-zero journey.

Most smaller businesses have a modest physical footprint, short supply chains, few employees to commute, and can see huge return from making these small changes. If you Google ‘small business and climate change’ thousands of ideas come up – buy green energy; drive EVs; upgrade energy-using equipment; decrease business travel; reduce office waste; turn off lights; plant trees; adjust thermostats; reduce food waste; educate employees.

There are so many to choose from…

So, where do you start?

Ask yourself the question: How can I reduce my impact? Here are couple of simple ways: 

Encouraging walking to work, shared commuting, cycle to work schemes – and working from home if you can. My business is reliant on face-to-face service, so working from home was not an option – but my team, with our help, have implemented ways to reduce their personal footprint on the travel to and from work. 

Reduce office waste. There are many small sustainable businesses like Harriet’s of Hove, who provide packaging free food, teas and coffee, and they even have a professional cleaning range. When you compare like for like costs, you’d be very surprised that they don’t cost more, plus there’s time and energy saved – as they even deliver. 

You can read the full post at the Brighton Chamber of Commerce website

Camille Pierson from Float Spa Hove

Camille Pierson is Founder of The Float Spa. If you have any suggestions or ideas, contact Camille at:

Find out more about The Float Spa on their website here

Sustainable Plastic Free Products to buy in bulk

We have a selection of cleaning products, hand soap, detergents and washing up liquids now available to order in 5 litre containers at a discounted price. We can deliver these to your home or business and we’ll even pick up the empties when we deliver your next order.

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