Several pumpkins stacked in a pile, showcasing different shapes and sizes, symbolising Halloween and sustainable choices.

Sustainable Celebrations: Crafting an Eco-Friendly Halloween

Several pumpkins stacked in a pile, showcasing different shapes and sizes, symbolising Halloween and sustainable choices.

Halloween is synonymous with costumes, candies, and captivating decorations. Yet, amidst all the spooky fun, have you ever stopped to consider the environmental footprint of this annual event? At Harriet’s of Hove, sustainability isn’t just a buzzword; it’s a way of life. In line with our commitment to eco-conscious living, we’ve crafted a guide to help you celebrate a greener, cleaner Halloween this year. This blog will cover everything from selecting a sustainably-sourced pumpkin to crafting your own eco-friendly decorations. So, let’s embark on a journey towards a more sustainable All Hallow’s Eve!

Sustainable Pumpkin Picking: Choose Local, Choose Sustainable

When it comes to Halloween, pumpkins are non-negotiable! This year, why not make a day out of it by heading to Townings Farm in Chailey? Not only will you be able to hand-pick your perfect pumpkin, but you’ll also be supporting a local business. A win-win situation if there ever was one!

Townings Farm, Plumpton Road, North Chailey, LEWES, BN8 4EJ
Open Wed – Sat: 9am – 5pm

The Benefits of Supporting Local Farms

Choosing a local farm over a supermarket has several benefits:
Lower Carbon Footprint: Shorter transportation distances mean a lesser carbon footprint.
Better Quality: Local pumpkins are often fresher, having been recently harvested.
Community Engagement: By supporting local, you help uplift the community and strengthen the local economy.

Don’t Just Carve, Cook!

If you think pumpkins are only good for carving, think again! Once you’ve scooped out the insides of your pumpkin, you can create mouthwatering dishes with the flesh and seeds. Stay tuned for some zero-waste pumpkin recipes to impress your taste buds and minimise waste.

A warm bowl of creamy pumpkin soup garnished with herbs, served on a wooden table

Zero-Waste Pumpkin Recipes

Once you’ve carved your pumpkin, it’s time to make use of those innards. Here are a couple of recipes that ensure no part of your pumpkin goes to waste:

Pumpkin Soup: A warm, hearty pumpkin soup is ideal for those chilly autumn nights.Roasted Pumpkin Seeds: Sprinkle some salt and olive oil on your pumpkin seeds and roast them for a crunchy, healthy snack.

Sustainable Decorations: Reuse, Recycle, Celebrate!

Halloween festivities are incomplete without some spook-tacular decorations to set the mood. But before you head to the store to buy plastic props that you’ll only use once, consider crafting your own from materials you already have at home. Not only will you save money, but you’ll also be contributing to a more sustainable future.

Spooky Bats from Toilet Paper Rolls

Gather empty toilet paper rolls from around the house and transform them into your very own colony of bats. All you need are scissors, black paint, and a little creativity. Cut the rolls to resemble bat wings and bodies, paint them jet black, and hang them in different corners of your house. Make it a family activity and involve your children, too! For more instructions click here.

Egg Carton Ghosts

Egg cartons often end up in the bin, but here’s a chance to give them a second life. Cut out individual cups, paint them white, and draw on ghostly faces with a black marker. String them together and you have a chain of ghosts ready to spook anyone who walks through the door. For more instructions click here.

Materials to make A handcrafted wreath, scissors, twine and eco-friendly leaves.

Leafy Wreaths for a Natural Vibe

Fall leaves offer a plethora of opportunities to get creative. Collect various shapes and colours to make a wreath for your front door. Use a wire frame as a base, and tie the leaves using biodegradable twine. It’s an excellent way to welcome guests and it perfectly encapsulates the essence of autumn. Check out this blog for more ideas.

Light Up the Night: The Eco-Friendly Way

It’s no secret that Halloween is also about eerie lighting. Instead of opting for plastic lanterns or decorations that require disposable batteries, think of more eco-friendly alternatives. Solar-powered lights or LED candles with rechargeable batteries are perfect choices. These are energy-efficient and can be reused year after year, reducing waste and saving you money in the long run.

Harriet’s of Hove: Your Halloween Destination

If you’re planning to go out trick-or-treating, don’t forget to swing by Harriet’s of Hove. In keeping with our commitment to a greener future, we have an offering for all the little ghouls and goblins out there. Dressed in your Halloween best, come to our store to collect a treat. Plus, it’s a great way to introduce the younger generation to our refill store and it could be the first step toward a new, more eco-conscious Halloween tradition in your family.

Halloween is an occasion filled with fun, creativity, and a fair amount of spookiness. While indulging in these festivities, it’s crucial to remember the environmental cost of our choices. From the pumpkin you pick to the decorations you hang, every decision can contribute to a more sustainable celebration. By making these small changes, we not only celebrate Halloween but also the planet that sustains us. Join Harriet’s of Hove in making these eco-friendly choices. To keep updated on more sustainable tips and initiatives, sign up for our newsletter. Together, let’s make every Halloween—and every day—a little greener.

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