Journey of Harriet’s of Hove: Celebrating 5 Years of Sustainable Shopping

Harriet smiling while standing in front of the original Harriet's of Hove store.

Nestled in the vibrant heart of Hove, Harriet’s of Hove stands as a testament to the passion, vision, and unwavering commitment to our environment. The story begins with a spark ignited by the pressing issue of single-use plastics suffocating our planet. From that spark, Harriet and her partner, Mhiran – lovingly referred to as Mr. Harriet – envisioned a hub that would redefine the way their community shopped.

Neither of them hailed from retail backgrounds; Harriet, with her nursing roots, and Mhiran, stemming from dentistry, were unlikely champions in the fight against plastic. However, their shared dedication to environmental sustainability pushed them to leap into the unknown. They dreamt of a place where their neighbours could find sustainable, ethical, and, importantly, plastic-free alternatives. And so, despite the risks and looming challenges, Harriet’s of Hove came to life.

The early days were steeped in trial and error. With minimal retail experience, some might’ve deemed their venture audacious. But it was this very naivety that became their strength. Starting from scratch meant they weren’t confined by traditional norms. They could pioneer, innovate, and prove that there’s not just one way to retail, but a greener way.

Harriet and Mhiran, co-founders, standing together inside Harriet's of Hove.

Throughout the years, their core principles remained unchanged: to source products from local, eco-conscious suppliers and to fervently support small businesses that resonate with their green ethos. Even though Mhiran has less of a part in the day-to-day running, Harriet has built a team arround her, who share her mission of reaching far beyond Hove’s physical boundaries with the introduction of their online store, broadening the horizons for sustainable living.

As they reflect on their journey, the most rewarding moments are found in the thousands of individuals they’ve inspired to reduce their plastic footprint. For Harriet and her team, their venture isn’t just about retail; it’s a heartfelt mission to usher in change, campaign for a brighter future, and showcase a sustainable and ethical way of living.

Whether you’re a local stepping into their shop or an online visitor, Harriet’s of Hove extends a warm invitation to be part of this transformative journey towards a more sustainable world.

From its inception, Harriet’s of Hove was more than just a shop; it became a cornerstone of change in the community. With the shop’s foundation rooted deeply in a commitment to sustainability and the environment, its impact over the last half-decade has been profound.

Harriet and her dedicated team at Harriet's of Hove, posing in the shop.

The number of plastic bottles, containers, and wrappers saved is in the thousands. Every refill, every purchase, has been a step towards a world where landfills aren’t choked with single-use plastics. Beyond the tangible, however, lies the change in mindset. Customers who once felt overwhelmed by the challenge of eco-friendly living now had a guide and a haven in Harriet’s. They have seen firsthand that change is not only possible but accessible and fulfilling.

Harriet’s of Hove has always been dedicated to more than just selling products. Their core belief in education has seen them assist countless individuals in navigating the world of sustainable living. It’s been a place of community, where eco-worries turn into eco-solutions.

Customer testimonials paint a vivid picture: from parents grateful for an introduction to eco-conscious living for their children to individuals who’ve transformed their lifestyles, reducing their carbon footprint dramatically. These stories of transformation, large and small, have been the lifeblood of Harriet’s journey.

But evolution never stands still. Recognising the need to expand their reach and cater to a growing community, Harriet’s of Hove made strides in the digital world. Their online store stands as a beacon for those beyond Hove, ensuring that geography is no barrier to sustainable choices.

And as Harriet and her team stand on the brink of another significant milestone—moving to a larger premises—they do so with a thrilling unveiling: ‘The Sustainable Hub.’ This is no ordinary expansion. Located at 31 George Street, Hove, the new space is designed to evolve not just the business but the community’s approach to sustainability. Offering a wider and smarter range of sustainable products is just the beginning; the new premises will also serve as a hub for classes, workshops, and eco-meet-ups. It’s a multifaceted space where like-minded people can come together for a greener future. Furthering their commitment to eco-conscious practices, 90% of Harriet’s of Hove deliveries are now carbon-free, courtesy of their e-cargo bike.

As they approach their 5-year anniversary on the 25th of November, it’s more than a business milestone. It’s a celebration of a community coming together, making collective eco-conscious decisions, and turning a dream into a movement.

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