Winter Wellness: Embracing Sustainable Self-Care During the Colder Months

As the winter chill sets in, it’s more important than ever to focus on our well-being. But how do we balance the need for warmth and comfort with our commitment to sustainability? In this two-part blog, we’ll explore how to embrace self-care during the colder months in a way that’s both nurturing to ourselves and kind to the planet. From sustainable ways to stay warm to nourishing our bodies with seasonal, locally sourced foods, we’ll delve into practices that promote wellness while respecting our environmental values.

Knitted layers of clothing for a wellbeing winterWinter is a time when our bodies crave warmth and comfort. One of the key aspects of sustainable self-care during these colder months is finding ways to stay warm that don’t over-rely on energy-intensive heating methods. Dressing in layers is a fantastic way to maintain body heat, and choosing clothing made from natural, sustainable fabrics can make a significant difference. Materials like wool, organic cotton, and recycled fibres are not only eco-friendly but also provide excellent insulation. Consider investing in high-quality, sustainably sourced winter wear – it’s an investment in both your comfort and the health of the planet.


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In addition to keeping ourselves warm on the outside, it’s important to nourish our bodies from within. Winter nutrition focuses on eating seasonal and locally-sourced foods, which supports local economies and reduces the environmental impact associated with long-distance food transport. Root vegetables such as carrots, parsnips, and beets, along with winter greens like kale and chard, are not only packed with essential nutrients but also have a lower carbon footprint when grown locally. These vegetables can be used in a myriad of recipes, from hearty soups and stews to warming roasted dishes. Pairing these with whole grains like quinoa, barley, and oats, and protein-rich legumes, offers balanced and satisfying meals that are perfect for cold weather.

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The winter season is also an ideal time to explore the world of herbal teas. Herbal teas not only provide a way to stay warm and hydrated but also offer various health benefits. Ingredients like ginger, turmeric, and cinnamon are known for their warming properties and immune-boosting effects. Incorporating these into your daily routine can help maintain your health during the winter months. Additionally, opting for organic and sustainably sourced teas ensures that your comfort doesn’t come at an environmental cost.

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Cosy bedroom with linen store bedding for winter wellness

Moreover, self-care during winter isn’t just about physical wellness; it’s also about creating a comforting and nurturing environment. Consider sustainable ways to make your living space more inviting and warm. Using eco-friendly candles made from natural waxes, indulging in organic, cosy bedding, and adding green plants can enhance the warmth of your home. These small changes not only contribute to a cosy atmosphere but also improve air quality and overall well-being.

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 During winter, holistic wellness practices play a crucial role in maintaining our physical and mental health. Mindful activities like yoga, meditation, and even simple daily walks can significantly boost well-being. Practising yoga at home with a sustainable yoga mat or taking brisk walks in nature can help alleviate the winter blues and keep you energised.

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Skincare is another crucial aspect of self-care in winter. The harsh weather can take a toll on your skin, making it vital to use nourishing, natural skincare products. Harriet’s of Hove provides a range of organic skincare options, like hydrating serums and moisturisers, which are perfect for keeping your skin healthy and glowing despite the cold. These products are not only kind to your skin but also to the planet, free from harmful chemicals and packaged sustainably.

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Winter wellness is about more than just staying warm; it’s about taking care of your whole self in a way that also takes care of the planet. By adopting sustainable self-care practices and choosing eco-friendly products, you can navigate the winter months with health, happiness, and environmental integrity. Harriet’s of Hove is here to support you on this journey, with products and ideas that align with a sustainable lifestyle. Embrace these eco-conscious practices and find joy in the winter season.

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