Coffee Compass Brazilian Beans

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Coffee – Brazilian Whole Beans

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Coffee Compass Brazilian Whole Beans

Brazil Ipanema Gourmet Pulped
The Gourmet Pulped Natural Ipanema has a sweet cup with a mild acidity. It has a good body and a halzelnut notes with a creamy mouthfeel and finish. There are no harsh notes to the cup, definitely a coffee for those that prefer a milder, smooth cup.

Ipanema’s infrastructure, located at two processing centres in Fazenda Capoeirinha and Fazenda Conquista, is an extraordinarily well-run and efficient farm using the latest agronomic technology. The coffees are meticulously cupped by their specialist team and only the best beans are chosen. This is a pulped natural coffee, which is otherwise known as Semi Washed, where the outer skin from the cherry is removed but the fruit (or mucilage) is still kept on and the coffee is stored, then it is washed and dried later.

A little bit about Coffee Compass

The Coffee Compass is a family run coffee roastery on the South Coast of England. Unlike many of the inferior and industrially produced coffee brands that you will find in the supermarket, the fine coffee blends and pure origin roasts that we sell on our website are sourced from farms that have been selected as the best in their region and using agronomy practices of an exceptional standard.

Coffee Compass select from farms and mills that have a passion for producing exceptional coffee beans, farms that care about their practices and the impact on the environment and the care of their employees. At The Coffee Compass they have always found that good farm practices are synonymous with great coffee and that employees that are well paid and are valued by their employers work to a higher standard and help the farm to achieve excellence in the growing and production of gourmet coffee.

The Coffee Compass is exceptionally demanding in ensuring that they only select the very best of the coffee crops from beans that have been harvested at optimum ripeness and have been prepared for export to the highest standard. They then roast on site to order to ensure maximum flavour and freshness or pack unroasted if requested before being despatched by courier for delivery, often the next day.

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