Coffee Compass Decaffeinated Cafetière Ground

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Decaf Cafetière Ground Coffee.

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Coffee Compass Decaf Cafetière Ground Coffee

Colombia Swiss Water Decaffeinated

The Swiss Water decaffeination process is a very effective and non-chemical way of removing the caffeine from coffee, but at the same time maintaining the flavour and characteristics of the coffee.  The superb, nutty and sweet character of Colombian coffee is maintained in a natural and delicate way.

The Swiss Water process involves placing the top grade coffee beans in pure water with soluble coffee components. It is kept in this state for around 12 hours until 99% of the caffeine has diffused out from the bean while maintaining the essential flavours. The absence of chemicals makes this a very popular process as the most natural and pure form of decaffeination.

The Coffee Compass is a family run coffee roastery on the South Coast of England.

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