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Hello to our wonderful community at Harriet’s of Hove! In our continuous quest to bring you closer to the amazing people behind the products you love, we chatted with Marta, the dynamic founder of Floating Feather, one of our cherished suppliers. Since 2018, Marta’s eco-friendly and completely natural aromatherapy Vegan and Organic plastic-free Lip Balms have been a staple on our shelves.

We were intrigued by Marta’s commitment to sustainability and natural ingredients, and we knew you would be too! So, we decided to delve deeper into her story and the journey of her popular lip balms. Here’s what she had to say:

Hello, my name is Marta and I’m the founder of Floating Feather, a range of eco-friendly and completely natural aromatherapy beauty and wellbeing products. I have been supplying Harriet with Vegan and Organic plastic free Lip Balms since 2018.

I am formally trained in aromatherapy, massage therapy, and Ayurvedic healing but the inspiration behind my products comes from nature. I deeply believe in the power of nature and that, as humans, we benefit from living in tune with it, giving and receiving from our beautiful Earth.

My passion for natural remedies and beauty care started when I was very young, and my journey started when I discovered the magical healing powers of essential oils, plants, and herbs. I decided to create a range to help people heal the ‘holes’ that would create in our energy field, and therefore manifest in physical or mental ailments, by developing the chakra balancing range, who combines the power of essential oils and crystals. From there, more lines and products were born, taking inspiration from people’s requests and physical discomforts.

My products are all plant-based and homemade with love; I only use high-quality essential oils, together with Ayurvedic, and ethically sourced ingredients, which are carefully chosen for their therapeutic benefits. I purchase ingredients from local suppliers and I believe in trying to reduce the use of plastic and unnecessary packaging within the industry.

All my products are:

  • 100% free from parabens, SLS, mineral oil, sulphates, & synthetic fragrances
  • 100% free from palm oil
  • Scented only with essential oils
  • Vegan friendly and cruelty-free
  • Packaging-free
  • Handmade
  • Designed, formulated, hand-blended, and labelled by myself

When I decided to make aromatherapy products to sell to the public, I was also very conscious of the fact that I would have created another product on the market that eventually would have been discarded. In order not to contribute to more pollution, I sourced packaging that is recyclable, refillable or biodegradable. This is an integral practice for my production process.

I approached Harriet in 2018 when I started making my plastic free lip balms and I am so grateful to Harriet and all her customers for their continued support. I supply Harriet with 4 different flavours of vegan lip balms. These are completely homemade by myself from start to finish. I only use pure therapeutic grade essential oils to flavour my lip balms and organic coconut oil, shea butter, and candelilla wax.

I believe in the power of community and supporting small businesses and each other, so I am very grateful to be stocked in Harriet’s shop. Thanks to shops like Harriet’s people have accessibility to products that are better for their health and the environment, all in one place!

For massage treatments visit us at: Floating Feather Therapies, 11 Dukes Lane, Brighton BN1 1BG

Fancy testing out some of Floating Feather Lip Balms?

Frankincense & Green Tea Vegan Lip-balm
Anti-aging Natural Lip Balm.
A union of Frankincense and Green Tea to reduce the signs of aging and protect your lips. 

Peppermint & Clary Sage Vegan Lip-balm
Tingling Natural Lip Balm.
A pinch of Peppermint to plumpen and a touch of Clary Sage to nourish chapped lips.

Lavender & Grapefruit Vegan Lip-balm
Soothing Natural Lip Balm.
A drop of Lavender to hydrate and soothe, and a touch of juicy Grapefruit to make your lips feel luxurious.

Orange and Rosemary Vegan Lip-balm
Uplifting Natural Lip Balm.
A zest of Orange to lift your mood and a touch of Rosemary to awaken your senses.

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