Wooden Razor and Blades


Ditch those polluting plastic razors and blades. This wooden razor is comfortable to use and guarantees a great shave.
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Wooden Razor and Blades

These wooden razors are the perfect replacement for those polluting plastic disposable razors and cartridges. Just unscrew the metal head and place the new plastic-free razor blade inside, then screw back up to fix in place. Easy!

Made from wood and stainless steel each razor will give you years of service and with blades costing less than 10p each it will be sure to save you money too! 

Includes a pack of blades to get you properly started.

Wooden Razor and Blades Gift Set

Select the ‘Shaving Gift Set’ option and Harriet’s of Hove will arrange your razor, blades, and a bar of plastic-free shaving soap in a gift box for just £2 more.

Weight0.142 kg

Single Razor and Blades, Shaving Gift Set

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