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Our Brand New Plastic-Free Recipe Box

At Harriet’s Of Hove, our mission has always been to make being sustainable a realistic and non-intrusive part of daily life. We also believe that an eco-friendly approach can support a healthier lifestyle. A whole-foods plant-based diet means very little processed food or saturated fat in your diet. Plus, it’s a wonderful way of getting all the fruit, vegetables and nutrient variety your body needs to stay strong and healthy.


However, we know that when you’re working all day, or looking after young children, or juggling the many responsibilities of modern life, making healthy meals can be a real challenge. So, perhaps you’ve tried a recipe box where the recipes are easy-to-follow and the ingredients all neatly measured out of you. Yet, you wince at all that plastic packaging and wonder how much your dinnertime solution is harming the planet.

Welcome To Plastic-Free Recipe Boxes

Harriet’s Of Hove is so proud to stock a great variety of ingredients and we are passionate about healthy plant-based cooking. So it was only a matter of time until we added recipe boxes to our home delivery service. Yet, we knew that ours had to be plastic-free recipe boxes. As Brighton and Hove’s local refill store, our whole business is based around eliminating unnecessary packaging. This is why our plastic-free recipe box comes with ingredients measured out into compostable paper bags or reusable glass jars.

Are Recipe Boxes Good For The Environment?

It’s difficult to measure how good recipe boxes are for the environment. However, here are some of the pros and cons. We’ve included the health benefits because healthier humans are better for the planet too!


Environmental Benefits Of Recipe Boxes:


  • Usually healthier than take-out and restaurant foods
  • Less food waste (as food is pre-measured into portion sizes)
  • Encourages us to eat a bigger variety of foods
  • Can assist in transitioning to a plant-based diet (with plant-based recipes boxes like ours)

Environmental Concerns Of Recipe Boxes:


  • Excessive packaging


Although in comparison to takeaways, recipe box packaging is relatively low, it is usually higher than if you purchased the ingredients in larger amounts in your weekly shop. However, then you’re running the risk of food waste which is also bad for the environment.


This is why Harriet’s Of Hove are so pleased to launch our plant-based plastic-free recipes boxes. We are bringing all the advantages of recipe boxes to Brighton and Hove residents, without all that non-recyclable packaging that makes meal kits bad for the environment.

What's In Our Plant Based Recipe Boxes

Each week in January we will be launching a new recipe box. All of our recipes are created by Happy Gut Co Chef and healthy food advocate, Suzanne Goldenberg-Shove. Suzanne is passionate about great-tasting vegan food and her recipes are designed to promote a healthy gut. This week, enjoy our ‘Warming Winter Dahl With Fluffy Flatbreads’.

Winter Dahl Recipe Box

This super simple recipe, delivered to your door with all the ingredients you need in a plastic-free recipe box, makes a deliciously warming bowl of Dahl served with fluffy flatbreads.


If you’re making it a New Year’s Resolution to cook more then this is a great introduction to Indian cooking and making a very simple but totally tasty bread too.


This recipe is bursting with flavour and is full of tummy-loving spices and fabulous fibre.

dahl flatbread recipe box meal

Who Are Our Recipe Boxes For?

Our plastic-free recipe boxes are available for home delivery in Brighton, Hove and Shoreham. Food lovers from Rottingdean to Shoreham-by-sea can enjoy our local meal kits. They are suitable for vegans but also great for those looking to add a meat-free day to their dinner time routine.


We wanted to make healthy eating with an eco-friendly approach available for everyone, so we have family meal boxes, meal boxes suitable for couples and individual meal kit sizes too, which are great for busy commuters!

Order Your Plant-Based Plastic-Free Recipe Box

No subscription necessary! Simply add the recipe box to your regular shop with us or order a meal box by itself.

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