hand painted Christmas baubles

More Than Just Baubles

To me nothing quite signals the start of the Christmas season at Harriet’s of Hove more than when we bring out our (reusable) white Christmas tree and adorn it with baubles from the Dalit community.

We absolutely love them, I’m sure you will too! Not only are they beautifully and intricately handpainted, available in a range of wonderful colours and shapes, but also they do their part to support the Dalit community of Kashmir India. 

Christmas tree baubles

How can the purchase of one small bauble make one big impact?

By using a combination of traditional Kashmir technique and western design to create something truly special the people who expertly craft these beautiful baubles are paid a fair wage for the work they produce. Sales of these unique decorations go towards supporting the work of charity Life Association.

Life Association run a range of projects around India to help support those most in need, and provide opportunities to break the cycle of poverty.

One such recent project is a programme where ten women were supported and given the opportunity to train at a tailoring school. The six month course is led by professional tutors, who taught the women skills such as needlework, textiles, pattern cutting, and how to use a sewing machine. After months of determined effort, a graduation ceremony is held to celebrate their achievements, each person is presented with a certificate and gifted their own sewing machine! They return to their home village equipped with the skills and kit needed to earn a continued and sustainable income for the future.

graduation day at Life Association project

Last month a new group of ten started their training journey at this tailoring school. Life Association hope that through projects like these, funded with sales of Dalit Goods Co. items, they can achieve their aim in giving these communities the opportunities to break the cycle of poverty and dependance.

That is a brief insight into how these beautifully crafted baubles have a real tangible affect on the outlook of the lives of the people of India. Each sale seeks to raise awareness of the Dalit plight and provide employment for the underprivileged and helps support their work with the Dalit of India. Please do check out the work of Life Association if you would like to find out more.

four Christmas tree decorations

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