Copper Water Bottle


Beautiful 100% copper water bottle handcrafted from a single copper sheet by skilled artisans using traditional methods. Enjoy the health benefits of storing and drinking your water using these large 600ml bottles.

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Tempered Copper Water Bottle with Sari Bag

Why drinking from a copper bottle rocks…

Copper is a trace mineral that is vital for multiple functions of the body. When water is stored in a copper vessel the copper leaches into the water, infusing it with all its wonderful positive properties which are then passed over to you when you drink it. This is no new fad, the Ayurvedic practice has promoted the use of copper water vessels for centuries. It’s commonplace in India to store water in this way, and according to traditional Ayurvedic principles, can help to balance the three ‘doshas’ (google it!) in our bodies, keeping us feeling fit and energised. Pretty incredible huh?!?

What makes our bottles special?

Unlike many other copper bottles, ours really and truly are 100% copper. Each bottle is handcrafted out of a single copper sheet by skilled artisans using traditional methods. They have no joints or seams and are of exceptional quality.  You can see videos of them being made on our Facebook page. Our bottles are also fitted with a food-safe silicone seal, meaning you can pop in your bag and run out the door without worrying about your bottle leaking.

Like all our products, we hand-pick everything ourselves. We have spent a considerable amount of time with the supplier and are confident the artisans are paid fairly for their incredible skill.

Copper Bottle.

  •         600ml Capacity
  •         Made from a single sheet of 100% Copper with a food-safe silicon seal

Top Benefits: 

  •         Aids Digestion
  •         Helps Eliminate Excess Fat
  •         Slows the Signs of Ageing
  •         Boosts Energy Levels
  •         Supports the Thyroid Gland
  •         Helps Keeps Skin Healthy
  •         Supports a Healthy Immune System
  •         Maintains Cardiovascular Health & Improves Circulation
  •         Stimulates the Brain & Protects Cognitive Function
  •         Creates Naturally Alkaline Water


Each bottle comes packaged in an Up-Cycled Silk Sari Bag and includes a full information sheet on the befits associated with drinking from copper, plus cleaning instructions using our favourite salt and lemon method. 

Some Things To Remember…

Due to the natural oxidising process, copper stains and darkens over time. Some people like this natural patina others like to keep it super shiny. For maximum benefit, we recommend cleaning the inside of your bottle every 7 – 9 days. As for the outside, it’s totally up to you.

These copper bottles are meant to store water alone. Adding anything else to the water (particularly citrus fruit) can cause a chemical reaction. Only ever fill with water!

To get the best results from your copper bottle water fill at night, let it rest while you sleep and then consume the next morning. I then use mine throughout the day as well, just like a normal refillable bottle.

These bottles will not make you thinner, smarter, or younger! But they might well improve your overall health, and help to make you feel amzingggg!

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