Smoked Cashew Cheese


Smoked Cashew vegan cheese alternative by Tyne Chease – 160g

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Smoked Cashew Cheese by Tyne Chease

Tyne Cheases soft and creamy Smoked Cashew Cheese alternative has elegant warming undertones and provides an appealing glow to complement a stunning cheeseboard. Winner of the nourish award 2019.

Tyne Chease Ltd produces a range of award winning authentically cultured and matured cashew nut cheese alternatives. Lovingly made by a small family run company in Newcastle, their cheese alternatives are aged for up to 4 weeks using the finest organic cashew nuts. Tyne’s gluten and soya free vegan cheese alternative is luxuriously smooth and creamy and lends itself perfectly to smearing on cracker, baguette or celery stick. Perfect for the ultimate vegan cheeseboard.


cashew nuts* (71.8%), water, smoked paprika* (1.4%), himalayan pink salt, probiotics (l.bacillus, l. casei casei, l. casei ramnosus). *cashew nuts (gb-org-05) *smoked paprika (gb-org-04)
(allergens in Bold)

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