Mouse’s Favourite Aged Classic Vegan Cheese


Mouse’s Favourite Aged Classic vegan cashew cheese alternative to a classic rich cheddar.

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Mouse’s Favourite Aged Classic Vegan Cashew Cheese

Looking for a classic cheddar alternative that’s vegan-friendly? Look no further than Mouse’s Favourite Aged Classic Vegan Cashew Cheese! Made from organic cashews and aged for a minimum of 4 weeks, this firm wheel has a delightfully rich and complex flavour. What sets this cheese apart from others is the natural fermentation process that gives it an umami-rich taste. Plus, a dash of organic porcini adds extra depth and savory notes. Creamy and delicious, this vegan cheese is the perfect substitute for traditional cheddar and is sure to impress!

Organic cashew nuts, filtered water, sea salt, mushroom, cultures.

Vegan Wax rind is mineral based and food-safe but is intended for preservation and not for eating.

CONTAINS NUTS (cashews).

Shelf Life:
6 weeks, use within 1 week of opening.
Keep refrigerated below 5ºc.
Can be frozen. Please allow to defrost gradually in the refrigerator.

Mineral based Vegan Wax – (Before consuming, peel off outer wax, cut and enjoy!)
Aged Classic is wrapped in a PLA sheet which is compostable with other organic waste.
Please recycle the box.

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