Boucha Kombucha


Boucha Kombucha Original and Blush 750ml

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Boucha Kombucha

A zesty, crisp and lightly sparkling non-alcoholic green tea drink.

No more hangovers, no more soda water in tumblers or sugary fruit juices. Instead, say ‘hello’ to Boucha, the organic wine-style kombucha.

Bursting with healthy enzymes and antioxidants, this kombucha has been designed by artisan brewers using the flavour profiles of premium dry white and rosé blush wines to create a beautiful drink to be enjoyed by non-drinkers and the sober-curious alike.

Whether you are the designated driver, on a health kick or simply taking a break from the booze; Boucha Kombucha is the perfect alternative for wine drinking occasions.

Sip while relaxing, share with friends and pair with your favourite foods. This bottle of bubbles is raw, naturally low in sugar and mouth-puckeringly delicious.

Choose from the Original or Blush.


Original, Blush

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