Black Mocha Peru Kovachii Beans

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Black Mocha – Peru Kovachii Espresso Roast – Whole Bean

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Black Mocha – Peru Kovachii Espresso Roast – Whole Bean

Introducing the Espresso Roast Peru Kovachii, a premium coffee blend by Black Mocha. Sourced sustainably from smallholder farmers in the Cajamarca region, this coffee is carefully crafted to deliver a sweet and refined taste that captures the essence of Northern Peru. With a varietal of Catuai and a washed process, the Kovachii boasts flavour notes of green apple, lime, and milk chocolate. Perfectly balanced, this coffee is a great choice for speciality espresso drinkers who prefer a light and sweet taste. And for those who love to brew at home, the Kovachii also makes a great cup in a Cafetière / French press or filter. Try the Espresso Roast Peru Kovachii today and experience the unique taste of Northern Peru in every cup.

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