Black Mocha Amber Cup Beans

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Black Mocha – Amber Cup Espresso Roast – Whole Beans

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Black Mocha – Amber Cup Espresso Roast – Whole Beans

Introducing the Amber Cup by Black Mocha, a premium coffee blend that will awaken your senses with its exotic flavours. The Amber Cup is named after the discovery of one of Britain’s most important Bronze Age finds, the Hove Amber Cup. This rich and bold coffee is made from a perfect blend of 50% Brazilian and 50% Peruvian beans, carefully selected for their unique taste profile. The blend includes Bourbon, Catuai, Caturra, and Typica varietals, providing a complex and layered flavour experience. The beans have been carefully processed using a blend of washed and natural methods, ensuring that the natural flavours of the coffee are preserved. With its tropical fruit acidity, chocolate and almond notes, the Amber Cup is perfect for those who appreciate a bold and complex taste. This versatile espresso can be brewed as an easy-drinking smooth fruity espresso or extracted a bit more to complement larger milk-based drinks. The Amber Cup is perfect for ‘bean-to-cup’, it is also great brewed in a French press or filter for a classic everyday coffee. Add the Amber Cup to your morning routine or enjoy it as an afternoon pick-me-up. Experience the exotic flavour of the Black Mocha House Espresso Amber Cup.

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